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Energy Co-op of Vermont Strategic Plan Summary

In early 2014, the Energy Co-op of Vermont's Board of Directors decided to engage in a strategic planning process.  External conditions that informed the need for the plan included:

  • An accelerating change in the business environment for energy products and services.
  • Steadily declining fuel oil markets that are expected to continue on this trajectory, with a possible acceleration in coming years.
  • Exciting new opportunities that are emerging in energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services.
  • A progressive state policy environment in Vermont and the state's Comprehensive Energy Plan that sets ambitious targets for the energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2050.

The overall purpose of the strategic plan was to solicit the expertise of our board members and external authorities to help the Co-op plan for the future.  The process was designed to identify key opportunities and roadblocks and to honestly analyze our strengths and weakness.  This resulted in specific recommendations and strategies that will help the Co-op implement programs and policies that preserve profitability, capture market opportunities and continue to serve our members efficiently and responsibly.

To view or download the full Strategic Plan Summary click here.

Member: Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Renewable Energy Vermont, Local First Vermont

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