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Our Fixed Price Monthly Payment Plan for Wood Pellets

If you heat your home with cord wood or pellets, you always pay in full when you get each delivery. That means big bills and a strain on your family budget. We can help you with our Easy Pay plan for wood pellets. More and more Co-op members are signing up for this plan and enjoy these benefits:

How fixed prices work
How fixed prices work
  • No more big bills - even if you get two pellet deliveries in one month, you still pay only the same monthly amount.
  • A fixed price. You pay the same price for your wood pellets during the season, regardless of when they are delivered. There is a minimum two ton delivery.
  • No money pinch around holiday time.
  • Easy automatic monthly payments with your credit card or electronic funds transfer from your bank account. Of course, you may also pay by cash or check - whatever works best for you.

Best of all, it doesn't mean you'll use more pellets. We only charge you for the pellets you actually receive, at the same fixed price you signed up for at the start of the season.

Our Easy Pay plan for wood pellets is available from August though October each year. Call us at (802) 860-4090 for more information.

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