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Don’t Let Low Fuel Prices Fool You

We believe that there has never been a better time to invest in efficiency improvements.

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Cigarettes, Coca Cola and the Carbon Tax

No energy or tax-related issue in recent memory seems more confusing than the Vermont legislature’s attempt to introduce a carbon tax.

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Out of sight, out of mind. Can you see where your energy comes from?

Ultimately, if we’re going to power our lives, then the least we can do is take responsibility for it.

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Energy Audits: What you don’t know can cost you money

What starts with an energy audit can result in cleaner air for the planet and more money in your pocket.

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How Smart Are “SMART” Meters and Thermostats?

Smart technology has been fully integrated into the way we talk to each other, drive our cars, cook our food and pay for things

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Why should home heating fuel dealers help homeowners use less fuel?

As homeowners embrace energy efficiency and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, heating fuel dealers have an opportunity to move to a new business model .

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Creative Financing for Home Energy Efficiency – Save Now, Buy Later

No matter which way you slice it, lowering your heating fuel usage brings benefits to your bottom line and most importantly, the planet.

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Collaboration among energy efficiency partners in Vermont offers cost-savings to solar hot water consumers

Energy Co-op of Vermont fosters programs that actually reduce the use of heating fuel!

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Home grown heating – why wood pellets beat fossil fuels

In a rural state like Vermont the “home grown” solution of heating with wood pellets is particularly appealing.

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Solar rules and regulations. Who needs them?

There’s no viable solar business in Florida …. or not much of one. How strange is that?

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