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How to Get Off the Oil Price Roller Coaster

Who would have guessed two years ago when prices were heading towards $4.00 a gallon that we’d now be looking at prices averaging just over $2.00?

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Five Key Questions to Ask About a Vermont Carbon Tax

Here is a summary of John Quinney’s recent testimony about the proposed carbon tax to the Vermont House Committee on Natural Resources and Energy in Montpelier.

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Make Your Voice Matter – Join a Co-op

Quite simply, a co-op is managed by its members and a co-op’s mission is to sustain and manage its business in the best social and economic interests of its members.

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New Year’s Resolution – Cut your Fossil Fuel Use

The Energy Co-op can help you make a New Year’s resolution that will keep more money in your wallet and help save the planet at the same time.

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How to be a Climate Change Hero

While we applaud the global agreement and think that government goals and promises are a good start, we know that change must also take place from the bottom up, starting in our own homes and backyards.

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Don’t Let Low Fuel Prices Fool You

We believe that there has never been a better time to invest in efficiency improvements.

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Cigarettes, Coca Cola and the Carbon Tax

No energy or tax-related issue in recent memory seems more confusing than the Vermont legislature’s attempt to introduce a carbon tax.

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Out of sight, out of mind. Can you see where your energy comes from?

Ultimately, if we’re going to power our lives, then the least we can do is take responsibility for it.

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Energy Audits: What you don’t know can cost you money

What starts with an energy audit can result in cleaner air for the planet and more money in your pocket.

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How Smart Are “SMART” Meters and Thermostats?

Smart technology has been fully integrated into the way we talk to each other, drive our cars, cook our food and pay for things

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