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Mobile Home Efficiency

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Mobile homes here in Vermont offer many opportunities for energy savings. There are 22,000 mobile homes in 244 parks scattered across the state. They make up more than 7% of our housing stock. Nearly 75% of Vermont’s mobiles are more than 40 years old. With few new mobile homes being built, many owners are busy looking to retrofit and improve their older homes, and to make them more energy efficient.

Improving mobile home efficiency starts with a few easy upgrades:

1) Furnace tune-up: Making sure heating systems are working as efficiently as possible keeps heating bills down. Furnaces should be serviced by professional technicians once a year.

2) Fixing Drafts: Sealing cracks around doors, windows and other spots doesn’t cost much and can cut energy use by 10% or more.

3) Insulation: Blowing insulation into the belly of a mobile home can help keep winter’s cold air from creeping in through the floors. If there is space between the roof and the interior, insulation can also be blown in to help reduce heat loss through the roof.

4) Storm Windows: Interior storm windows help reduce heat loss during Vermont’s coldest months.

5) Energy efficiency:  When installed correctly, modern light bulbs and power strips help homeowners save on electric bills each month. Every penny counts and money not used on utilities can be spent elsewhere.

With financial support from Efficiency Vermont, the Energy Co-op is working to help mobile home owners save energy and money. Our goal is to work with mobile home owners to make simple improvements and to identify opportunities for future energy upgrades. If you are a mobile home owner here’s what the Energy Co-op provides:

  • energy-saving light bulbs, aerators and shower heads
  • an advanced power strip
  • pipe wrap insulation
  • information on energy saving opportunities
  • a walk-through assessment of your home to look for more ways for you to save energy and lower your kerosene bills.

All of this, plus a tune-up for only $49. Call the Co-op before May 31, 2014, if you’re interested: (802) 860-4090.

For more simple tips to help Vermont’s mobile home residents save money, save energy and live more comfortably, check out “Do-it-Yourself Mobile Home Energy Efficiency” (PDF) from the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity.

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