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Don’t Leave Your Home Off The Holiday List – Get A Free Home Energy Check Up!

Even if your home feels warm and cozy, you might be throwing money out the chimney – or windows, doors, and even your walls!  Using an efficient heating system and keeping it properly maintained go a long way towards helping you save money.  But your home itself can be drafty and poorly insulated, leading your heating system to work that much harder and making your bills that much higher!  To help you get a better idea of how efficient (or inefficient) your home is we are offering Free Home Energy Check Ups…that’s right – FREE!

Just gather the following information before you call:

  • The amount of oil, kerosene, wood pellets,propane and/or cordwood that you use each year, and,
  • The heated floor area of your home.

With this information we can quickly tell you how efficient your home is – and whether you’ll be able to save money and energy with home energy improvements.  Need that number again? (802) 860-4090.  A Home Energy Check Up is great first step towards making your home more comfortable and efficient – and did we mention that it’s FREE!

If the check up shows that your home is inefficient, it’s time for an Energy Audit from our friends at Building Energy.  They’ll go over your entire house and let you know exactly where the most cost-effective options are for lowering your energy bills.  And if you’re a Co-op member, Building Energy will give you a 15% discount on a residential energy audit.

You can learn more about this special offer and others on our Save Money page.

Four years ago, Energy Co-op members David and JoAnn were using about 500 gallons of oil a year to heat their Colchester home.  But it was drafty and uncomfortable, so they got an energy audit from Building Energy and set out to make improvements. To start, the Building Energy crew added cellulose insulation in the attic and sealed air leaks detected by the energy audit.  A year later, David replaced the old windows on the second floor with Energy Star®, double-glazed, argon-filled windows. The following winter he replaced the rest of the old windows. David and JoAnn’s home was much more comfortable, and their oil use went down. Then in July 2011, the Energy Co-op installed a pellet stove in David’s basement. Now he burns Vermont Wood Pellets from December onwards, and burns oil only in the fall and on very cold winter days. His oil use is down to about 150 gallons a year or less, saving around a $1,000 a year on heating oil!

Check out more of the true stories of Co-op members saving money and using less oil on our Member Stories page!

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