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Vermont Heating Oil Delivery

Scheduling winter heating oil deliveries
Scheduling winter heating oil deliveries

In Vermont, 55% of all households use oil or kerosene as their main heating fuel. In Chittenden County, home to 90% of the Energy Co-op's customers and members, about 15,000 households heat with oil.

Like other oil dealers, the Energy Co-op of Vermont delivers home heating oil with 2,800 gallon oil trucks which are supplied from terminals in Burlington and Essex Junction. In winter, we have three trucks on the road, delivering 12,000 to 15,000 gallons of heating oil a day. And unlike many other oil dealers, we offer several price protection and monthly payment plans to help Co-op members manage their energy bills.

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Heating with oil has environmental impacts. When burned in furnaces and boilers, heating oil, propane and natural gas all release carbon dioxide and contribute to climate change in roughly equal amounts. The best response to this threat is to use less heating oil.

Heating oil also contains sulfur, which contributes to acid rain and air pollution when burned in furnaces and boilers. Heating oil delivered in Vermont is allowed to contain up to 2,000 parts per million sulfur. However the Energy Co-op now delivers only cleaner-burning, ultra low-sulfur heating oil, containing less than 15 parts per million sulfur.

When we compare the environmental costs of different heating fuels, ultra low-sulfur fuel oil compares favorably with natural gas, which is often touted as a 'clean' fuel.

Other Benefits with Ultra Low-Sulfur Heating Oil

Furnaces and boilers that burn ultra low-sulfur heating oil require less routine maintenance and fewer repairs. That means lower service bills for our members and customers.

Brookhaven Laboratory Emissions Analysis
Brookhaven Laboratory Emissions Analysis

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