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Vermont Wood Pellets & LG Softwood Pellets

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Vermont Wood Pellets

The Energy Co-op of Vermont delivers wood pellets in our service area. Our driver will also pick up wooden pallets from previous deliveries. (Unfortunately, pellet bags are not being recycled - yet.)

We currently deliver Vermont Wood Pellets and LG Softwood Pellets. Our members often tell us how much they love these pellets.

Here’s what makes our pellets so good:

 Vermont PelletsLG SOFTWOOD Pellets
High Energy
Content (BTU/lb)*
8,389 8,100
Low Moisture 4.80% 7%
Low Ash Content* 0.27% 0.5%
Fines Content 0.43% n/a
Pellet Material Softwood Softwood
Warehouse Price** $289/ton $249/ton
Delivered Price*** $309 - $339/ton $269 - $299/ton

* See laboratory test results for Vermont Wood Pellets and LG Softwood Pellets.

** Call (802) 860-4090 in advance to schedule Vermont Wood Pellets and LG Softwood Pellets for pick-up from our Colchester warehouse. 

*** One ton minimum order. We deliver Vermont Wood Pellets and LG Softwood Pellets to Chittenden County, Cambridge, Fairfax, Fletcher, Georgia, Grand Isle, Jeffersonville, Saint Albans and South Hero. In central Vermont, we deliver to Barre, Montpelier, Waterbury and Waterbury Center - and to locations in East Montpelier, Middlesex and Berlin that are within five miles of downtown Montpelier. 

Member: Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Renewable Energy Vermont, Local First Vermont

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