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Vermont Solar Hot Water

Ground-mounted solar hot water heater
Ground-mounted solar hot water heater

Solar energy works in Vermont. We have plenty of sun – about 80% of what Florida receives each year, and 30% more than Germany and Japan, countries which lead the world in solar installations thanks to generous incentives.

In the summer, solar hot water heaters in Vermont meet almost 100% of household hot water requirements. In the winter, they meet about 30% of household requirements. The balance is provided by oil, propane or electricity. In 2011, 450 Vermonters added solar hot water to their homes. Starting in March, 2012, Co-op members installed more than 80 solar hot water heaters through our Co-op Solar program.

Co-op members now receive a $1,300 discount with our Co-op Solar program - plus a new $1,600 Efficiency Vermont discount available through November 30, 2014:

  • Solar hot water heaters pay for themselves though energy savings in six to ten years, less with the new Efficiency Vermont discount
  • They increase home values – by up to 20 times annual energy savings according to one study.
  • Co-op Solar uses Sunward solar hot water heaters which have been installed for more than 25 years in tens of thousands of homes.
  • Solar hot water heaters qualify for a huge, 30% federal tax credit and a generous Vermont rebate.
  • Installation is simple and easy, especially when you hire HarveSTAR, our Co-op Solar recommended contractor.
Sunward Solar Hot Water Heaters – made in Vermont

Sunward Solar Hot Water Heaters – made in Vermont

  • Free site assessment
  • Ground or roof mounted options
  • Six to ten year payback
  • Made in Winooksi, Vermont
  • 20-year warranty on the solar collectors – the best in the business

Go to Co-ip Solar for more information.

Testimonials from Energy Co-op Members

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My husband and I think the Energy Co-op of Vermont is wonderful. We feel great about working with local people who are friendly, knowledgeable and effective. The Co-op seems to have our best interest in mind in terms of heating our home effectively and affordably and we are super appreciative of that. We would recommend working with them to everyone. Thanks for all you do!

–Jenna H., Essex Junction

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