Fixed Price Plan

Our Pre-Buy plan works well for Co-op members who want to lock in the price of their heating oil in advance and not have to worry about making additional payments. More than 100 Co-op members sign up for our fixed price pre-buy plan each year and receive these benefits:

  • A fixed price. You buy at least 400 gallons of your heating oil in advance for a fixed price. No matter how high - or low - our oil prices go, your price won't change. Most of our pre-buy customers buy their oil in advance every year, knowing that by following this strategy they'll probably come out ahead more years than not.
  • Automatic delivery. Our computer tracks your oil usage so you'll never run out. It's one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Fewer bills. You make one payment, in advance. You make additional payments only if you use more oil than you pre-bought.
  • Convenient payment choices. On-line payment, electronic funds transfer from your bank account, check or cash - which ever works best for you.

Please check our FAQs for more information, especially about what happens if you don't use all your pre-buy gallons, or need more than the amount you pre-buy.

Our Pre-Buy plan is available from July through October each year. Sign-Up today.

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Our Member Testimonials

  • A Good Option for Fuel Oil

    The Energy Co-op of Vermont is always a good option for fuel oil. Check out the SMART CHOICE plan.You can lock in your price and if it goes lower, you get the lower price.

    Daniel S., Underhill, Vermont

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