Vermont Fuel Oil Price Trend

Since September 2000, Co-op members have saved more than $500,000 on their heating bills (when compared with Vermont average prices). We can produce these savings because our financial objective is to manage the Co-op to provide the most benefits to our members - not to maximize profits. Because fuel costs fluctuate daily, and because our competitors sometimes lower their margins, we don't always have the lowest prices out there. By and large, however, Co-op members can expect to save enough on their heating bills each year to pay for their $12 membership several times over and to save even more with an energy audit - now just $150 for Co-op members. And unlike many other oil dealers, we offer several price protection and monthly payment plans to help Co-op members manage their energy bills.

Following the Oil Markets

If you'd like to learn more about heating oil prices and why they fluctuate, visit the Energy Information Administration. To follow daily changes in the oil market, visit the New York Mercantile Exchange at CME Group.

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