Ground Mount Solar Hot Water in Vermont

Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water in Vermont

Solar energy works in Vermont. We have plenty of sun – about 80% of what Florida receives each year, and 30% more than Germany and Japan, countries which lead the world in solar installations thanks to generous incentives.

In the summer, solar hot water heaters in Vermont meet almost 100% of household hot water requirements. In the winter, they meet about 30% of household requirements. The balance is provided by oil, propane or electricity. In 2011, 450 Vermonters added solar hot water to their homes. In 2012 and 2013 Co-op members installed 75 solar hot water heaters through our Co-op Solar program.

  • Solar hot water heaters pay for themselves though energy savings in ten years or so.
  • They increase home values – by up to 20 times annual energy savings according to one study.
  • Solar hot water heaters qualify for a huge, 30% federal tax credit.
  • Installation is simple and easy, especially when you hire Harvestar, the Energy Co-op's recommended contractor.

Putting everything together, Co-op members now enjoy savings of up to $4,500 on solar hot water heaters installed by our friends at Harvestar.

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