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Burlington, VT Heating Fuels & Service

Located on the eastern shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is the most populous city in Vermont and harbors a diversity of residents.  Known for the Church Street marketplace, its pedestrian walkway and shopping area located downtown, the city and its surroundings offer many activities and amenities.

While many Burlington homes are now heating with natural gas, the Energy Co–op of Vermont provides oil delivery and heating service to many loyal members in the Queen City, including natural gas conversions.

We currently deliver heating fuels and provide heating services in all parts of Burlington, including:

  • New North End
  • Old North End
  • Downtown
  • The Hill Section
  • South End

In addition to delivering heating oil and wood pellets, the Energy Co–op installs and services high efficiency home heating systems for residents of Burlington. We also install water heaters, and recommend solar hot water heaters from Harvestar.

Burlington, VT Heating Fuels

Whether your Burlington home is heated with a boiler or a furnace, the Energy Co–op has you covered for fuel delivery. We make sure our members always have all of the oil or kerosene they might need, even throughout the longest and coldest stretches Vermont winters can bring. We’re always only a phone call away and with 4 oil delivery trucks on the road, you can rest assured we’ve got someone near your neighborhood almost every day. Give us a ring to schedule your fuel delivery today

Burlington, VT Wood Pellets

Owners of wood pellet stoves have the benefit of stability in heating fuel prices, especially when compared to the oil prices which can fluctuate greatly with world events and swings in the stock market. Most homeowners that used to use oil have converted to natural gas over the last several decades, but in recent years and increasing number of Burlington residents have switched to wood pellets. In addition to more stable pricing, wood pellets are a renewable and low–carbon home heating fuel alternative. Call us today if you’d like to learn more about heating your home with wood pellets. Not only do we supply pellets by the pallet (delivery or pick–up), but we install pellet stoves as well!

Burlington, VT Heating Service

The Energy Co–op of Vermont doesn’t just deliver home heating fuel – we also service all types of boilers, furnaces and wood pellet stoves for our Burlington area members. Our services include installation, maintenance and repair for everything from the latest pellet stoves to older, traditional oil burning furnaces. Our highly trained and skilled technicians have the tools and knowledge needed to handle any job. And just to be sure none of our members are ever without heat overnight during a nasty cold spell, we offer 24/7 emergency service, so call us any time!

Burlington, VT Solar Hot Water

Burlington homeowners are always looking for ways to run their homes more efficiently, especially in the face of ever increasing home energy costs. It’s no surprise then that our Co–op Solar program, offering solar water heating systems, was so successful. To learn more about how you can save up to 50 percent off the cost of a new solar water heater, contact our friends at Harvestar.

Beyond our great fuel delivery and heating system service, Burlington area members of the Energy Co–op of Vermont enjoy the following benefits, among others:

Become a Co–op member now if you live in Burlington, VT!

Just had to reach out and say "Thanks" again to everybody at your shop. The bottom line is, my family had a warm and safe weekend thanks to everybody that went the extra bit to fix our furnace. That kind of appreciation really cant be shared all the time now that so many folks are always used to complaining and wanting it at the last minute. Anyway, best to all of you and I know I'll need a tune-up now that the new box and transfomer are on-line. Call when you can to schedule after your needs slow down and I know I'll be telling the folks about your great crew in the meantime.

- Walter, Grand Isle, VT

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We Serve The Following Zip Codes in Burlington, VT:

05401, 05408, 05405, 05402

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