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Montpelier, VT Heating Fuels & Service

Founded in September 2000, the Energy Co–op of Vermont, is a local, member–owned cooperative providing fuel delivery to homeowners in Montpelier, VT.

We deliver clean–burning heating oil, install and maintain super–efficient heating equipment and supply made–in–Vermont wood pellets to our Montpelier, VT members. In 2012, we launched Co–op Solar, our simple and affordable solar hot water program.

Montpelier, VT Heating Fuels

The Energy Co–op of Vermont delivers heating oil (but not kerosene) to Co–op members in Montpelier. Whether you heat your home with a furnace or boiler, we can deliver fuel to your home to keep your family warm all winter long. With three oil delivery trucks on the road, we have someone in the vicinity of Montpelier about once a week. Call us today to join the Co–op and schedule fuel delivery!

Montpelier, VT Wood Pellets

Given the volatility in oil prices, it’s nice to have wood pellet stoves available as a home heating alternative. While most Montpelier, VT homeowners still heat their homes with oil, an increasing number have switched over to wood pellets as a renewable, low–carbon alternative. We can help you make the switch and then supply you with all of the wood pellets you’ll ever need to heat your home. Whether you prefer to pick up your own pellets or have them delivered, the Energy Co–op of Vermont has you covered.

Montpelier, VT Heating Service

The Energy Co–op of Vermont does not service heating equipment in Montpelier. We recommend Cacicios Heating. Call them at (802) 223–6100.

Montpelier, VT Solar Hot Water

We now offer Co–op Solar in Montpelier. Learn how you can save thousands of dollars over the next 20 years when you install one of our solar hot water heaters. Sign up for your free site assessment today!.

In addition to these products and services, Co–op membership brings many benefits to residents of Montpelier, including:

Become a Co–op member now if you live in Montpelier, VT!

My wife and I are committed to reducing our fossil energy footprint, and have been heating our home with wood, trying to use our old oil burner only as backup. Unfortunately, this leaves some cold corners in the house, including our kid's room. We started researching some options, and quickly noticed the Energy Coop's heat pump advertisements. We hesitated for some time, but last fall we went ahead and had one installed. The installation itself was fast with limited disruption, and the heat pump has surpassed our expectations. Even at very low temperatures, it is still able to put out heat, which keeps the boy's room at a comfortable temperature. I especially like that I can program the unit to shut off and turn on to fit our schedule. We're looking forward to having a cool space on the hottest days of summer as well. Great technology!

- Todd C. and Maeve McB., South Burlington, VT

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We Serve The Following Zip Codes in Montpelier, VT:

05633, 05620, 05609, 05603, 05602, 05601

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