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Vermont Natural Gas Conversions

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A new natural gas installation by the Energy Co-op
A new natural gas installation by the Energy Co-op

Over the past 20 years, there has been little difference between heating oil and natural gas prices in Vermont. But with today's volatile oil prices, we understand why some Co-op members are thinking about switching to natural gas.

If your heating equipment is twenty years old or more, it may have many years of life left - but it is only about 70% efficient.  New heating equipment - oil or gas -  is at least 85% efficient - so whether you stay with oil or switch to gas, you save money with new heating equipment. Before you decide to switch to natural gas, check out the new super-efficient heat pumps from the Energy Co-op. Heat pumps cut oil, propane or natural gas use by up to 70% - and provide air conditioning all summer long!

If your heating equipment is less than ten years old, you may be able to replace the burner with a gas unit rented from Vermont Gas. If you want to heat an addition, rooms that need extra heat or are not used very often, heat pumps or compact, energy-efficient space heaters are a good choice. You can choose from oil-, kerosene- or gas-fired models.

If your oil furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old, and you're thinking about switching to natural gas, give us a call. We now install gas furnaces, boilers and space heaters. To learn more, or for a free estimate, contact Joe Cobb, our service manager, at (802) 860-4090 or submit a service request.

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