July 13, 2021
Heating Oil Price Protection from the Energy Co-op

By Brian Gray

Here at the Energy Co-op, summer is the time of year when we start talking about "Price Protection". Why? Because the summer months are generally the time of year when heating oil prices are at their lowest due to low demand. Conversely, winter is usually the time of year when heating oil prices are at their highest because of high demand. Supply and demand, it makes sense!

What doesn't make sense is why homeowners wait to buy heating oil in the winter when the prices are the highest. In many cases, homeowners just don't have a choice. If your fuel dealer doesn't offer "Price Protection", you may be unable to lock in lower heating oil prices before the demand rises when the cold weather hits.

Not ready to commit to a capped or pre-buy program? No problem. You can still choose a Budget Payment Plan with smaller monthly payments rather than those unwelcomed large bills after a mid-winter fuel delivery.

A key goal of the Energy Co-op is to help our members and customers reduce their financial risk and save money on their fuel oil bills when possible. Our menu of plans provides options that can help every homeowner protect themselves from unexpected bills during those critical winter heating months and keep their homes warm and secure. Here is a summary of our available plans:

Pre-Buy Plan

The Pre-buy Fixed Price Plan lets you lock in your fuel price for the year by pre-purchasing your fuel in the summer when prices are historically at their lowest for the year.

Smart Choice Capped Plan

Capped price plans are good for people who are willing to pay a small fee to guarantee their price will not go higher but also get the benefit of paying a lower price should prices go down.

Budget Payments

The Easy Pay budget plan for heating oil and kerosene spreads your bills over 11 months with equal payments, and it won't cost you a penny more.

Let the Energy Co-op help you take the worry out of winter. Contact us today to select a Price Protection or Budget Payment Plan that is right for you.