Best of the Best Award 2018

Energy Co-op of Vermont Earns Efficiency Vermont's Best of the Best Award in $12,000 and under category.

Recent energy upgrades to a 1950's cape-style home in Burlington, Vermont have not only greatly improved the home's comfort and reduced its energy costs but have also earned the Energy Co-op of Vermont a 2018 "Best of the Best" Award from Efficiency Vermont.

The Moore's home in Burlington's new north end was cold and drafty, particularly in the upstairs areas due to lack of insulation. Following an energy audit, working with a limited budget, Paul recommended installing improved ventilation in the bathroom plus some strategically placed foam insulation in the attic and knee walls. By solving large air leaks and improperly installed insulation the Co-op's team was able to tighten the house up to make it more comfortable and greatly improve indoor air quality. These improvements delivered a 16% reduction in overall energy use for the homeowner.

The Building Performance & Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® awards recognize excellence in energy efficiency retrofit projects by participating contractors in Efficiency Vermont’s Building Performance and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs. Awards are given out annually at the Better Buildings by Design Conference.


Our Member Testimonials

  • Efficiency Success Story

    We've been Co-op members since 2012. In 2005 after using 1,823 gallon of heating oil and five cords of wood for heat and hot water we set out on a long-term effort to bring our energy use under control.

    Chuck & Gaye, Jericho, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Boiler Installation & Replacement, Indirect Water Heaters, Space Heater Maintenance