How do heat pumps work?

You already have a heat pump in your home - your refrigerator. It keeps your food cool by using electricity to move heat from inside your fridge to your kitchen. Our Mitsubishi cold-climate heat pumps work in the same way in Vermont homes across the region:

  • In Vermont summers, heat pumps act as air conditioners, transferring warm indoor air to the outdoors, to keep your home nice and cool.

  • In the winter, our heat pumps extract heat from the outside air - even when it is very cold - to keep Vermont homes warm and comfortable. 

Heat pumps are not furnaces. They don't produce heat by burning fuel; they use electricity to move heat from one location to another. For this reason, heat pumps are very energy efficient and can provide up to three times as much energy as they use. And with the long cold winters we experience in Vermont, anyone can understand the need for more efficient heating options.

Cold temperature performance

Heat pumps work at outside temperatures as low as 13 degrees below zero - or more - but they are less efficient. Heat pumps that are 300% efficient at 50 degrees may be "only" 100% efficient as temperatures fall below zero.

Back-up heating system

If your home is very energy-efficient, you won't need a back-up heating system, even for very cold winter days. However, most Vermont homes will need a back-up - typically a traditional furnace or boiler - on those extra cold days when the heat pump needs some help. 

Higher electric bills

Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat - so your electric bills increase whenever your heat pump is running. In some cases, and especially if you heat with propane, your higher electric bill is more than offset by the decrease in your fuel bills.

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Our Member Testimonials

  • Pleased with Our Heat Pump

    We are very pleased with our heat pump and heat pump water heater. Joe and the rest of the staff at the Energy Co-op of Vermont were very professional. They were honest about what their products would do, and about our options.

    Sue D., Colchester, Vermont

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  • Highly Recommend Heat Pumps

    Last September, the Energy Co-op installed two heat pumps for us – one to heat and cool our downstairs living space, one to heat our hot water. We are very, very happy with both units and highly recommend them.

    Rocky C., South Hero, Vermont
  • Generous Incentives for Heat Pumps

    We wanted to have a positive impact on our carbon footprint and heard that cold climate heat pumps are very efficient and work well for both heating and cooling. The Energy Co-op of Vermont helped me determine the best heat pump system for my home.

    Mike B., Richmond, VT