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Over the past four years, Connie Norona and her son, Charlie, have cut their oil use from 650 to 400 gallons. They are saving about $850 a year. Here's how they did it. First, we replaced the old, inefficient and unsafe furnace in their manufactured home with a new Miller unit.  Next, Charlie and Connie got an energy audit from Efficiency Vermont and Building Energy.  Then they made several improvements…

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Our Mission

  • Help Vermonters make their homes comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient.
  • Deliver attractive energy choices at fair prices.
  • Supply members with an optimal mix of fossil fuels, cleaner-burning fuels, renewables and energy efficiency services.
  • Provide dependable and respectful service.
  • Be financially successful.


  • Winter Heating Tips: Attic Heat Loss

    It may be obvious to some but many folks don't realize just how much heat they lose through their attic. Read More

  • The Importance of Being Warm

    "One kind word can warm for three winter months," goes a Japanese proverb. Here in Vermont we can appreciate a kind word. But we can also appreciate a working furnace, hot wood pellet stove or a shed full of seasoned cord wood during a week of zero degree temperatures. Read More

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