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Why should home heating fuel dealers help homeowners use less fuel?

As homeowners embrace energy efficiency and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, heating fuel dealers have an opportunity to move to a new business model .

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Creative Financing for Home Energy Efficiency – Save Now, Buy Later

No matter which way you slice it, lowering your heating fuel usage brings benefits to your bottom line and most importantly, the planet.

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Home grown heating – why wood pellets beat fossil fuels

In a rural state like Vermont the “home grown” solution of heating with wood pellets is particularly appealing.

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Solar rules and regulations. Who needs them?

There’s no viable solar business in Florida …. or not much of one. How strange is that?

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Mobile Home Efficiency

Mobile homes here in Vermont offer many opportunities for energy savings. There are 22,000 mobile homes in 244 parks scattered across the state. They make up more than 7% of our housing stock.

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Winter Heating Tips: Attic Heat Loss

It may be obvious to some but many folks don’t realize just how much heat they lose through their attic.

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Better together

Fuel dealers and energy efficiency contractors working together?

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What’s the deal with heat pumps?

Richard Faesy from the Energy Futures Group, and an Energy Co-op of Vermont Board member ….

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How Energy Efficient is Vermont?

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is a quiet policy heavyweight ….

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Energy Co-op Support for Fuel Assistance

This year’s contract between the State of Vermont and participating fuel dealers …….

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