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Heat Pump Equipment and Installation

Cold-climate heat pumps use electricity and a refrigerant to transfer heat from one space to another. Heat pumps have two components connected by thin copper lines.

  • An outdoor compressor, mounted to the side of your home.
  • A wall-mounted blower and temperature sensor inside your home.

For added convenience, our heat pumps are operated with an easy-to-use remote control, included with each unit. This simple system keeps your Vermont home comfortable year-round.

Cold-climate heat pumps are also known as "ductless mini-splits" or "air source heat pumps." Whatever you want to call yours - a ductless unit, a mini-split heating and air conditioning system or a heat pump - we call it year-round energy savings and comfortable homes for Vermonters just like you!

Heat Pump Installation

Cold-climate heat pumps are easy to install. You don't have to dig up your yard or have major duct work installed in your home. The connection between indoor and outdoor units requires only a three-inch hole through an exterior wall. The entire installation is normally completed by our certified technicians in a few hours.

Mitsubishi DiamondTM Contractor

We're proud to announce that the Energy Co-op is a Mitsubishi Electric DiamondTM Contractor.Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor Logo

Our service manager and installation technicians have been factory trained in service, installation and sales for the Mitsubishi M-Series heat pump products. In addition, our technicians attend training classes on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on heat pump technology. Diamond Contractors, like the Energy Co-op, are the only Mitsubishi installers that are able to offer an extended 12-year parts warrenty and a 12-year limited warranty on compressors.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

  • High efficiency heating and cooling (up to 33.1 SEER)
  • Provides heat at outdoor temperatures as low as -13°F.
  • Super-quiet summer air conditioning
  • Minimal maintenance, no ductwork, accessible filters
  • Comes with Diamond Contractor 12-year warranty

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps More Information

Testimonials from Energy Co-op Members

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I would like to thank you and commend you for patiently wading through my 'demanding' furnace installation. It was not a straight forward install due to our unconventional basement. You did an excellent job and went out of your way to assist with questions that arose, handling unexpected changes/difficulties, such as the scheduling issues that arose. I now have confidence in the Co-op Service Department. I am also grateful to Joe Cobb for pointing out the issues with our old furnace, honestly assessing the condition of it and our tank as well as its venting setup which is now in compliance with state regulations.

I am also extremely impressed with your sub-contractor, Rich Bidwell, who handled the installation after the scheduling change which prevented you and Rich and Joe from coming. I can honestly say that I have never encountered the kind of knowledge Rich has regarding furnaces and I thoroughly enjoyed him as a person as well. He was absolutely fantastic.

I am hoping for many trouble free years from this Olsen, but am happy that you are there if any problems do arise as I know you will handle them with as much care and finesse as you did this initial install.

–Nadia G., Colchester

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