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Great Service

I’m sitting in the annual meeting for the Energy Co-op. They've been supplying us with oil for years and great service. They will install a heat pump for us this December once the credit is available. I would highly recommend them!

Maeve M., South Burlington, Vermont
Pleased with Our Heat Pump

We are very pleased with our heat pump and heat pump water heater. Joe and the rest of the staff at the Energy Co-op of Vermont were very professional. They were honest about what their products would do, and about our options.

Sue D., Colchester, Vermont

Services Provided:

Heat Pump Water Heaters
Trouble-free Installation

“Hi Joe. My thanks to the Energy Co-op, and especially you, for a trouble-free installation and the patience on your part for the delay. It will be easy to recommend you.”

Fiona M., Underhill, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement
Definitely Using Less Fuel

My experience working with Vt. Energy Co-op this fall was exceptional. Paul was extremely professional and informative. After the energy audit we worked together to prioritize a plan.

Susan T., Shelburne, Vermont
A Good Option for Fuel Oil

The Energy Co-op of Vermont is always a good option for fuel oil. Check out the SMART CHOICE plan.You can lock in your price and if it goes lower, you get the lower price.

Daniel S., Underhill, Vermont

Services Provided:

Fixed Price Plans, Capped Price Plans
Efficiency Success Story

We've been Co-op members since 2012. In 2005 after using 1,823 gallon of heating oil and five cords of wood for heat and hot water we set out on a long-term effort to bring our energy use under control.

Chuck & Gaye, Jericho, Vermont

Services Provided:

Boiler Installation & Replacement
Committed to Reducing Fossil Fuel Footprint

My wife and I are committed to reducing our fossil energy footprint, and have been heating our home with wood, trying to use our old oil burner only as backup. Unfortunately, this leaves some cold corners in the house, including our kid's room.

Todd C. and Maeve McB., South Burlington, Vermont
Highly Recommend Heat Pumps

Last September, the Energy Co-op installed two heat pumps for us – one to heat and cool our downstairs living space, one to heat our hot water. We are very, very happy with both units and highly recommend them.

Rocky C., South Hero, Vermont
Wood Pellet Delivery Service

We had the pleasure of being served today by Steve, who delivered our pellets. He called prior to arriving and was extremely polite and accommodating. When he arrived he was absolutely tops in customer service--such a nice man and extremely skilled.

Thomas and Theresa L., Montpelier, Vermont

Services Provided:

Our Wood Pellets, Wood Pellet Prices
Great Experience with Your Service Manager
I recently had a great experience with Joe, your service manager, and Rick, your subcontractor. They were very thoughtful, helpful and explained all of my heating system options. The Energy Co-op had been referred to me by my neighbor, who is a long time customer.
Meg H., Richmond, VT

Services Provided:

Furnace Repair
Answered All My Annoying Questions

The Heat Pump is working good, remote controller set to 74 degrees, house indoors temp reads 75 degrees, outside temp 92 degrees. What's nice is this unit knows when to cool or heat the house automatically.

Don R., Jeffersonville, Vermont
Best Pellet on the Market

You pay a little more for them, but they're the best pellet on the market." (Vermont Wood Pellets)

Thomas P., Milton, VT

Services Provided:

Our Wood Pellets, Wood Pellet Prices
Friendly Staff

Every time I call the Energy Co-op, I’m greeted by a friendly staff member who really takes their time explaining things to me. I never feel like they’re in a rush – talking to me is what’s most important to them. And I always end up learning something about my energy consumption.

Carrie A., Montpelier, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Repair
Warm and Safe Weekend

Just had to reach out and say "Thanks" again to everybody at your shop. The bottom line is, my family had a warm and safe weekend thanks to everybody that went the extra bit to fix our furnace.

Walter, Grand Isle, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Repair
Nice Pellet Delivery

While I was away today my pellets were delivered and Steve did an awesome job. Pellets right where I wanted, nicely placed next to each other. It's much appreciated!

John McC., Hinesburg, Vermont

Services Provided:

Our Wood Pellets, Wood Pellet Prices
On Time and On Budget
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work and guidance you gave us when it came to deciding what our best option for heat should be in our new (to us) house. Last winter, we survived on a wood stove and two older model kerosene heaters.
Kono Family, Shelburne, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement
New Boiler More Efficient

For years our old boiler was noisy and it was turning off and on far too often. I think it might have been held together by duct tape, at least it looked that way.

Herb and Barbara K., Shelburne, Vermont

Services Provided:

Boiler Installation & Replacement
Compliment Your Service Man

I just want to compliment your service man. He did an outstanding job. He was especially concerned over parts in the boiler and to check it out to his satisfaction. He was also very clean.

Paul Y., Underhill Center, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement
Help Getting a Grant

I would like to thank you for assisting me in getting a grant from the State of Vermont for a new tank, slab and roof ..... Your furnace man told me my tank would need to be replaced, and told me about this grant for low-income households .....

Daria K., Milton, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement, Oil Tank Installation & Replacement
Cool Member Perks

We joined the Energy Co-op of Vermont and have been really happy with them. Cheaper than many of the other local operations plus some cool member perks.

Morgan L., Jericho, Vermont

Services Provided:

Easy Pay for Wood Pellets, Easy Pay for Heating Oil and Kerosene
Excellent Overall Experience

Your service technician Richie most likely saved me from making a mistake and I appreciate it. Just so you know, everyone did an excellent job, and the overall result looks great. Thanks to you and to them for an excellent overall experience.

Tom M., Essex, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement, Furnace Maintenance
Call You First for Heating Needs

Just wanted to let you know that our pellet stove install went well. We were very impressed by how professional your installers were. They were courteous, explained and demonstrated how the stove worked, and cleaned up after themselves.

Sachi H., Essex Junction, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement, Oil Tank Installation & Replacement
So Impressed

I joined the Energy Co-op today. I was so impressed with how quickly you got to me, how detailed you were and how well you spoke of the Co-op. You do not find this kind of thing very often. I thank you.

Brit V., Essex Junction, Vermont

Services Provided:

Furnace Installation & Replacement
Helpful and Fair

I'd never use any company other than Energy Co-Op of Vermont. They are helpful and fair. You can choose a budget plan, which allows your payments to be spread out over the year (and thus enjoy a price cap, and a DROP in your payments should the price go down during the year).

Laurie F., Jericho, Vermont
Extremely Happy with Wood Pellets

Folks, I am into my 6th heating season using wood pellets, but this is my 1st year using your pellets. I am extremely happy with your product for the following reasons: 1. Way more heat output 2. Ash content is half of what I am used to 3. No sawdust in your bags 4.

Conrad R., Westford, Vermont

Services Provided:

Our Wood Pellets, Wood Pellet Prices
Happy, grateful and warm

I just have to send HUGE thanks and appreciation to Richie and Joe for the great pellet stove installation this morning. It was touch and go before they got here because we didn't know if we had all the components and no-one knew this type of stove.

Diane R., Huntington, Vermont
Generous Incentives for Heat Pumps

We wanted to have a positive impact on our carbon footprint and heard that cold climate heat pumps are very efficient and work well for both heating and cooling. The Energy Co-op of Vermont helped me determine the best heat pump system for my home.

Mike B., Richmond, VT

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