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Vermont Oil Furnace Service

Furnaces are among the most commonly used home heating systems in Vermont. They heat homes by using a fan to circulate warm air through sheet metal ductwork. Cooler air is pulled back to the furnace for reheating, and this arrangement is typically known as a forced air system. Oil furnaces are always vented to the outside, typically though a chimney.

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Modern oil furnaces include innovative technology such as:

  • Low-mass combustion chambers and sophisticated heat exchangers to improve heat transfer.
  • Solid-state or microprocessor-based controls for more reliable operation.
  • High-pressure flame retention burners, which result in clean, efficient combustion.

Furnace Efficiency

Efficiency is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio, determined by a testing procedure from the U.S. Department of Energy. All furnaces and boilers manufactured since 1980 come with a label showing AFUE. The AFUE ratio measures equipment performance over an entire season. This is different from combustion efficiency which measures how well oil burners convert oil into heat. Our Vermont furnace technicians test combustion efficiency as part of annual tune-ups.

Older furnaces are much less efficient than newer equipment. Furnaces that are 30 years old are about 65% efficient;  new furnaces have efficiency ratings of 81% - 95%.  Some, like the Kerr Paradigm, are classified as condensing furnaces because they extract heat from water vapor in exhaust gases. These furnaces can be up to 95% efficient.

From installing highly efficient new furnaces to any type of service for existing furnaces, our Vermont furnace specialists have the skills and experience needed to tackle any job. Call us today for all of your home furnace needs.

Energy Co-op of Vermont's Furnace Services include:

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