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If your home is like 43% of the homes in the State of Vermont and your primary heating source is fuel oil, here are some important facts.

Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

By Brian Gray

With ever-increasing energy costs it's important for Vermonters to be informed about new technologies and energy saving... Read more

EAN Annual Report 2018

The Energy Co-op is a fuel dealer that wants to sell you less fossil fuel. That’s better for you, Vermont’s economy, and our planet.

Heat Pump System Diagram

By Brian Gray

If you do a Google search for the phrases “How much does a heat pump cost?” or “Will I save money with a heat pump?”... Read more

Wood Pellet Fuel Cost Comparison

By Brian Gray

At the Energy Co-op of Vermont, we are highly encouraged to see the positive trends in the use of wood pellets for heating... Read more

Fuel Savings Funnel
Our General Manager, Brian Gray, explains how the Energy Co-op helps members reduce fossil fuel use.
Oil Tank Service

Even though we've been reminding everyone about Vermont's new rules for above ground oil tanks since last summer, we know... Read more

Matt Cota
Guest Blog from Matt Cota, Executive Director of the Vermont Fuel Dealer's Association
Kathryn Blume
Here are some thoughts from our guest blogger, Kathryn Blume about how we site energy projects in Vermont – particularly renewables like solar and... Read more
Burning Dollars
Promoting energy efficiency may seem counter-intuitive for a home heating fuel dealer. After all, the more energy efficient our customers’ homes are... Read more


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By Brian GrayIf your home is like 43% of the homes in the State of Vermont, your primary heating source is fuel oil. In 2017, Vermont instituted tighter residential oil tank regulations requiring... Read more