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By Brian Gray

Is your house trying to tell you something?

Maybe you've been in your home a long time and have... Read more

Easy Pay Payment Comparison Chart

By Brian Gray

Every Vermont homeowner can relate to that sinking feeling you get when you open that mid-winter energy bill. Perhaps it's in... Read more

Indoor Air Quality Hazards

Housing conditions can and should support good health. What makes a healthy home environment?

Energy Efficiency Rebates in Vermont

Although rebates and incentives are plentiful in Vermont, sorting through the options to determine which ones apply to you is daunting.

The Co-op Advantage

By Brian Gray

50 years ago, 90% of the homes in Vermont were... Read more

If your home is like 43% of the homes in the State of Vermont and your primary heating source is fuel oil, here are some important facts.

Rheem Proterra Hybrid Hot Water Heater

By Brian Gray

With ever-increasing energy costs it's important for Vermonters to be informed about new technologies and energy saving... Read more

EAN Annual Report 2018

The Energy Co-op is a fuel dealer that wants to sell you less fossil fuel. That’s better for you, Vermont’s economy, and our planet.

Heat Pump System Diagram

By Brian Gray

If you do a Google search for the phrases “How much does a heat pump cost?” or “Will I save money with a heat pump?”... Read more


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By Brian GrayIs your house trying to tell you something?Maybe you've been in your home a long time and have become used to a little draft here and there. Perhaps you get your winter exercise by... Read more