Here are our latest blogs on energy efficiency, politics and policies. 

Fuel Savings Funnel
Our General Manager, Brian Gray, explains how the Energy Co-op helps members reduce fossil fuel use.
Oil Tank Service

Even though we've been reminding everyone about Vermont's new rules for above ground oil tanks since last summer, we know... Read more

Matt Cota
Guest Blog from Matt Cota, Executive Director of the Vermont Fuel Dealer's Association
Carbon Tax
On March 30, 2016 the Energy Co-op's former General Manager, John Quinney gave testimony about the proposed carbon tax to the Vermont House Committee... Read more
Kathryn Blume
Here are some thoughts from our guest blogger, Kathryn Blume about how we site energy projects in Vermont – particularly renewables like solar and... Read more
Burning Dollars
Promoting energy efficiency may seem counter-intuitive for a home heating fuel dealer. After all, the more energy efficient our customers’ homes are... Read more
Nest Thermostat
When it comes to your household energy consumption, there are several smart technology options that enable you to save, track or control your energy... Read more
Sun image
Why have power companies and regulators in Florida and other sun-heavy states like Virginia and South Carolina resisted creating incentives and... Read more

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Fuel Savings Funnel
It’s easy to get discouraged or confused when you try to understand federal and state regulations governing the use, subsidies and requirements for renewable energy. Ultimately, most people who are... Read more