March 17, 2024
Window air conditioner vs. heat pumps

By Shelley Navari

Does this sound familiar?

As the first scorching day of summer arrives, the dread of a sleepless night without air conditioning sets in. You trudge down to the basement, grappling with the weight of your window air conditioner, and haul it up two flights of stairs. After a struggle, it's finally wedged into the window frame, offering relief amidst the noise. When fall cold weather approaches, the ritual repeats as you dismantle the unit and return it to the basement.

For many Vermont homeowners, this cumbersome routine of installing window A/C units is an unwelcome tradition. Fortunately, the emergence of heat pumps offers an alternative worth considering. Apart from the obvious convenience factor, what sets heat pumps apart from window A/C units?

Window air conditioners are:

  • Heavy, bulky and let's face it, ugly.
  • Noisy, even the best models emit considerable sound.
  • Inefficient in cooling; they frequently cycle on and off to maintain desired temperatures.
  • Expensive to operate.
  • Likely to negatively affect indoor air quality.

Ductless heat pumps:

  • Are installed once, with the indoor unit mounted on the wall, not on your precious window space.
  • Whisper- quiet operation.
  • Highly energy efficient and inexpensive to run.
  • Enhance indoor air quality by filtering incoming air.
  • Serve as a dual purpose solutions for both heating and cooling needs

A heat pump installation can cost upwards of $4,000 or more, but it proves to be a worthwhile investment in enhancing year-round comfort and efficiency. With available rebates and incentives, Vermont homeowners are finding heat pumps more financially affordable than ever.

So, if you want to lighten up your summer chores ritual and stop worrying about when the first hot day arrives, consider embracing the convenience and efficiency of a ductless a heat pump