Energy Co-op of Vermont

The goal of the Energy Co-op is to help all Vermont homeowners in our service territory use less fossil fuel and save money.

The Energy Co-op supplies heating oil, kerosene, and wood pellets. We do not provide natural gas or maintenance service for natural gas furnaces, boilers, or hot water heaters that were not purchased from us.

However, we do sell and install natural gas furnaces and boilers. If you would like to get a quote for new natural gas heating equipment, please fill out the contact form on this page.

Here are other energy saving services we offer natural gas customers:

  • Heat pump installation and service. We install heat pumps for Vermont homeowners whose primary heating system is natural gas. We provide free consultation and price quotations that can help you decide if a heat pump is right for you.
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Heater installation. If you are considering replacing your hot water heater with a more efficient one, a heat pump hot water heater could be a great option.
  • Energy Audits and Weatherization – Our in-house weatherization team offers audits that provide comprehensive analysis of your home's energy efficiency and cost estimates for related services to help improve your home's comfort and safety.

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Our Member Testimonials

  • Great Experience with Your Service Manager

    I recently had a great experience with Joe, your service manager, and Rick, your subcontractor. They were very thoughtful, helpful and explained all of my heating system options. The Energy Co-op had been referred to me by my neighbor, who is a long time customer.

    Meg H., Richmond, VT

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