Here are the latest blogs from our General Manager and other experts on energy efficiency, politics and policies. 

There are numerous small steps you can take that can add up to significant reductions in your carbon footprint and help to fight climate change.... Read more

High Cost of Heating Fuel

By Brian Gray

It's understandable that homeowners may feel worried and powerless when the price of heating fuel spikes and their home... Read more

Inflation Reduction Act in Vermont

By Brian Gray

Now that the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been implemented, here are some updates and helpful links to let you know what... Read more

Window air conditioner vs. heat pumps

For many Vermont homeowners, installing their window A/C units is an unwelcome warm weather ritual.

Bosch outdoor units

By Joe Cobb

Over the last five years, the Energy Co-op has installed over 1,000 ductless heat pumps for our customers and members in... Read more

Heat Pump System Diagram

By Brian Gray

If you do a Google search for the phrases "How much does a heat pump cost?" or "Will I save money with a heat pump?" you'll... Read more

Two people shaking hands

By Brian Gray

You may have heard the Energy Co-op call itself "A Different Kind of Energy Company". Unlike for-profit companies that only... Read more

By Brian Gray

Figuring out which type of heating fuel is the least expensive option for your home by comparing the cost per gallon of each... Read more

Energy Co-op membership benefits

By Brian Gray

50 years ago, 90% of the homes in Vermont were primarily heated with oil. Today, that percentage is down to 43%. But, while... Read more


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By Shelley NavariIt's easy to feel overwhelmed by scary headlines about climate change. You may think the problems are too big for individual actions to matter.Don't despair. There are numerous small... Read more