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Vermont homeowners are fortunate to have many resources that can help pay for home energy efficiency improvements and upgrades. Eligibility and rebate amounts vary widely by utility, income and the type of improvement you choose. The Energy Co-op can help you navigate these options and refer you to the resources that are particular to your situation.  


Reimbursement can come in many different forms.  Here are some commonly used terms:

  • Direct rebates- Rebates that require you to make the investment first and then provide proof of purchase to get money back
  • Upstream rebates – These are price reductions at the wholesale level that are passed through from your contractor to you and are deducted before you are billed for the work.
  • Bill Credits – Some electric utilities offer a "credit" to your electric bill rather than a direct cash rebate. It is important to understand the difference.
  • Tax Credits – Tax credits are deductions to your taxable income. These are claimed when you do your annual income tax filing.
  • Special Promotions - Your utility or contractor may offer additional incentives to act before a certain date or purchase a certain product.
  • Income eligible Incentives – Many of the Vermont utilities have an income sensitivity component to their rebates. If your household income meets a certain threshold then you may be eligible for additional rebates or credits.
  • No or Low interest financing – There are many organizations and credit unions that offer "Energy Efficiency" loans to pay for your energy upgrades over time. Many of these loans are offered with very low interest rates and depending on income, may be interest free. In many cases the cost of the energy you save each month will pay for your monthly payment.


Renewable energy advocates are eagerly awaiting the new programs and incentives included in The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which was signed into law in August of 2022. For more about how this may affect homeowners in Vermont, read Brian Gray's blog here.

Most of these incentives are due to take effect in 2023. In the meantime, here is a handy calculator from Rewiring America that can estimate what programs and incentives might be available for you.

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