Heating System Tune Up

We recommend an annual heating system tune-up to keep your Vermont home running safely and efficiently.

A well-performed annual tune-up can save as much as 10% on the cost of heating fuel by ensuring that your heating system is running at peak performance.

Our regular heating system tune-up costs $215* and includes:

  • Inspecting the entire system all the way back to the oil tank
  • A complete safety check of the furnace/boiler or space heater from top to bottom.
  • Adjusting your burner for optimal performance
  • Replacing nozzles and filters as needed (*spin-on filters are additional)
  • Cleaning combustion chamber
  • Conducting efficiency tests to ensure everything is working as it should.

Don't wait until your furnace, boiler or water heater breaks down in the middle of a cold snap. Schedule your tune-up with the Energy Co-op today and make sure your system is ready for the cold Vermont winter. Call us at 802-860-4090 or fill out the contact form on this page.

Our Service Plan

Sign up for the Co-op Guardian Service Plan to bundle & save on your tune-up and repair needs.

*Price effective July 1st 2024, is subject to change. 

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Our Member Testimonials

  • Great Service

    I’m sitting in the annual meeting for the Energy Co-op. They've been supplying us with oil for years and great service. They will install a heat pump for us this December once the credit is available. I would highly recommend them!

    Maeve M., South Burlington, Vermont

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