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It's much easier to pay for new heating equipment or to make energy upgrades to your home if you can spread the payments over several years. Monthly loan payments are offset by lower energy bills. The money that you used to spend heating your home is now available to help meet your loan payments.

Here are a some low-cost/no cost financing programs:

Efficiency Vermont Financing Partners

Program:Efficiency Vermont
Projects:Low-interest loans offered through many financial institutions in partnership with Efficiency Vermony include home equity loans, standard mortgages, and income-based Home Energy Loans.
More Information:Call (888) 921-5990


Program:Home Energy Loan 
Projects:This program offers flexibility in financing a variety of energy saving projects and purchases including solar projects, heating systems, doors, windows, and energy efficient appliances.
More Information:Call (800) 371-5146


Program:Home Energy Loan 
Projects:Neighborworks offers low-cost home improvement loans for energy improvements such as furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, central pellet boilers plus energy upgrades such as adding insulation, fixing air leaks and replacing old windows.
More Information:Call (802) 797-8106


For more information and a complete list of participating lenders, go to Efficiency Vermont.

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    Thanks for the excellent advice and weatherization project that you completed at my house. The work crew was top-notch!

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