Space Heater Installation by the Energy Co-op of Vermont

The Energy Co-op installs space heaters that burn heating oil, kerosene or natural gas. They are simple to install, highly efficient and affordable. Space heaters are good choices for these situations:

  • Heating small homes, especially those that have a relatively open floor plan and are well-insulated.
  • Rooms that need some extra heat beyond that provided by a furnace or boiler.
  • New additions, where adding a space heater often costs less than expanding a central heating system.
  • Spaces that are only used occasionally, such as hunting camps and summer homes, where it may be uneconomical to use a central heating system.

How Do Space Heaters Work?

While central heating systems are designed to distribute heat throughout your home "space" heaters are commonly used to provide localized heat to the room in which they are located.

Space heating units can be freestanding or fixed and may reduce demand on central systems, but their efficiencies vary widely so be sure to look for ones with high efficiency ratings.

The Energy Co-op service team can help recommend a space heater that is right for your room size and your budget.

To request a quote give Joe Cobb a call at 860-4090 or fill out contact the form on this page. 

Space Heaters from the Energy Co-op of Vermont

Laser space heater

Laser Heater

Laser Heater

  • Burns kerosene
  • 87.7% efficiency
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Direct vent technology
  • Simple controls, programmable thermostat

Laser Heater More information

Rinnai Space Heater

Rinnai space heat


  • Burns natural gas
  • 83% efficient
  • Quick response to small temperature changes
  • Easy to install
  • Direct vent technology
  • Simple controls, programmable thermostat

Rinnai More information

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  • Great Experience with Your Service Manager

    I recently had a great experience with Joe, your service manager, and Rick, your subcontractor. They were very thoughtful, helpful and explained all of my heating system options. The Energy Co-op had been referred to me by my neighbor, who is a long time customer.

    Meg H., Richmond, VT

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