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We wanted to have a positive impact on our carbon footprint and heard that cold climate heat pumps are very efficient and work well for both heating and cooling. The Energy Co-op of Vermont helped me determine the best heat pump system for my home. They were very timely and managed the installation process seamlessly. Also, I was able to take advantage of generous incentives from Efficiency Vermont, Vermont Electric Co-op and the Energy Co-op to make the cost more affordable.

- Mike B., Richmond, VT

I just have to send HUGE thanks and appreciation to Richie and Joe for the great pellet stove installation this morning. It was touch and go before they got here because we didn't know if we had all the components and no-one knew this type of stove. But they'd brought exactly what was needed, figured out how the components would work in this space, got the stove started, stayed to make sure it worked OK and gave helpful guidance and pointers. I'm happy and grateful (and warm ....). Thanks again.

- Diane R., Huntington, Vermont

Folks, I am into my 6th heating season using wood pellets, but this is my 1st year using your pellets. I am extremely happy with your product for the following reasons: 1. Way more heat output 2. Ash content is half of what I am used to 3. No sawdust in your bags 4. Window film build-up is less and wipes off with a damp cloth. In the past I had to use an abrasive cleaner to remove film. What ever your manufacturing process is, do not change it. You have the other pellet manufacturers beat by a mile.

- Conrad R., Westford, Vermont

I'd never use any company other than Energy Co-Op of Vermont. They are helpful and fair. You can choose a budget plan, which allows your payments to be spread out over the year (and thus enjoy a price cap, and a DROP in your payments should the price go down during the year). They also have a pre-buy and other programs. I've been with them for a few years now.

- Laurie F., Jericho, Vermont

I joined the Energy Co-op today. I was so impressed with how quickly you got to me, how detailed you were and how well you spoke of the Co-op. You do not find this kind of thing very often. I thank you.

- Brit V., Essex Junction, Vermont

Just wanted to let you know that our pellet stove install went well. We were very impressed by how professional your installers were. They were courteous, explained and demonstrated how the stove worked, and cleaned up after themselves. We will definitely recommend you to others as well as calling you up first for any other heating needs we have. Thanks so much!

- Sachi H., Essex Junction, Vermont

Your service technician Richie most likely saved me from making a mistake and I appreciate it. Just so you know, everyone did an excellent job, and the overall result looks great. Thanks to you and to them for an excellent overall experience.

- Tom M., Essex, Vermont

We joined the Energy Co-op of Vermont and have been really happy with them. Cheaper than many of the other local operations plus some cool member perks.

- Morgan L., Jericho, Vermont

I would like to thank you for assisting me in getting a grant from the State of Vermont for a new tank, slab and roof ..... Your furnace man told me my tank would need to be replaced, and told me about this grant for low-income households ..... Your staff helped me out a lot and I would like to thank each and every one of you. This is a big expense, and with your help I was able to get it done with little cost to me. Thank you all again.

- Daria K., Milton, Vermont

I just want to compliment your service man. He did an outstanding job. He was especially concerned over parts in the boiler and to check it out to his satisfaction. He was also very clean. As I told him, in years past, I have always had a bad odor of oil in the house when other service people left. He left and there is very little odor. Just thought you should know, he is a good representative of Energy Co-op of VT. A pleasure to have you as my oil and service company.

- Paul Y., Underhill Center, Vermont



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