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I recently had a great experience with Joe, your service manager, and Rick, your subcontractor. They were very thoughtful, helpful and explained all of my heating system options. The Energy Co-op had been referred to me by my neighbor, who is a long time customer. I had a flood in June which wiped out my system, but my old farmhouse is pretty unique and I really needed a good consultation. Thanks for having such great employees. I have already been singing your praises.

- Meg H., Richmond, VT

We had the pleasure of being served today by Steve, who delivered our pellets. He called prior to arriving and was extremely polite and accommodating. When he arrived he was absolutely tops in customer service--such a nice man and extremely skilled. What a treat it was to deal with Steve -- the experience made our day! You have a gold star employee there and we hope you have a way to recognize that. Thank you.

- Thomas and Theresa L., Montpelier, Vermont

Last September, the Energy Co-op installed two heat pumps for us – one to heat and cool our downstairs living space, one to heat our hot water. We are very, very happy with both units and highly recommend them. Our oil use has gone down by about 450 gallons a year, which gives us an excellent return on our investment.

- Rocky C., South Hero, Vermont

My wife and I are committed to reducing our fossil energy footprint, and have been heating our home with wood, trying to use our old oil burner only as backup. Unfortunately, this leaves some cold corners in the house, including our kid's room. We started researching some options, and quickly noticed the Energy Coop's heat pump advertisements. We hesitated for some time, but last fall we went ahead and had one installed. The installation itself was fast with limited disruption, and the heat pump has surpassed our expectations. Even at very low temperatures, it is still able to put out heat, which keeps the boy's room at a comfortable temperature. I especially like that I can program the unit to shut off and turn on to fit our schedule. We're looking forward to having a cool space on the hottest days of summer as well. Great technology!

- Todd C. and Maeve McB., South Burlington, Vermont

We've been Co-op members since 2012. In 2005 after using 1,823 gallon of heating oil and five cords of wood for heat and hot water we set out on a long-term effort to bring our energy use under control. Since 2005 we've added insulation in the attic, basement and walls, sealed air leaks, installed a solar hot water system, switched from cord wood to pellets, added foam insulation in the basement, hosted four solar trackers from AllEarth Renewables and purchased two cold-climate heat pumps and a heat pump water heater from the Energy Co-op. This winter, we used less than 30 gallons of fuel oil. If you add the savings from car pooling and the incremental cost of purchasing a more efficient vehicle and assume a long-term average of $2.50 a gallon for heating oil and gasoline, we are saving $8,000 a year in energy bills. That’s a 20% tax-free return on our investment.

- Chuck & Gaye, Jericho, Vermont

The Energy Co-op of Vermont is always a good option for fuel oil. Check out the SMART CHOICE plan.You can lock in your price and if it goes lower, you get the lower price.

- Daniel S., Underhill, Vermont

My experience working with Vt. Energy Co-op this fall was exceptional. Paul was extremely professional and informative. After the energy audit we worked together to prioritize a plan. He coordinated the work being done, checked in regularly about my satisfaction and helped me with the paperwork so I could qualify for the maximum energy rebate. My house feels so much tighter and I'm definitely using less fuel. Also loving my new budget plan. Thank you.

- Susan T., Shelburne, Vermont

“Hi Joe. My thanks to the Energy Co-op, and especially you, for a trouble-free installation and the patience on your part for the delay. It will be easy to recommend you.”

- Fiona M., Underhill, Vermont

We are very pleased with our heat pump and heat pump water heater. Joe and the rest of the staff at the Energy Co-op of Vermont were very professional. They were honest about what their products would do, and about our options. (For example, we may wish to add a second heat pump in the future because of how our house is laid out. Despite that, we rarely use our oil furnace now.) We are enjoying big savings and much lower fossil fuel use, since we have solar PV. I have recommended the Energy Co-op of Vermont to others.

- Sue D., Colchester, Vermont

I’m sitting in the annual meeting for the Energy Co-op. They've been supplying us with oil for years and great service. They will install a heat pump for us this December once the credit is available. I would highly recommend them!

- Maeve M., South Burlington, Vermont



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