Budget Payment Plan for Heating Oil

One of the biggest challenges that Vermont homeowners face is getting hit with their highest fuel bills at the worst time - right after the holidays. In fact, 80% of your heating bills probably come in just five months.

We understand that this can create an extra burden. But it doesn't have to. One of the benefits of Co-op membership is the option to enroll in our Budget Payment Plans for heating oil and kerosene. These plans allow our members spread their bills over a longer period of time, and it doesn't cost a penny more - you actually get an eight cents a gallon discount!

Budget Payment Plan for Heating Oil and Kerosene

Easy Pay Payment Comparison Chart

To calculate your monthly payments, we estimate your annual fuel bill by multiplying your normal fuel use by this year's projected prices. Then we split the total dollar amount into lower, even, monthly payments.

If you want to add the security of price protection to the convenience of monthly payments, check out our Price Protection plan for heating oil (available July through October).

Budget Payment Plan for Wood Pellets

If you heat your home with wood pellets, you normally pay in full when you get each delivery. We can help with a budget plan your budget for wood pellets. With this plan, you enjoy these benefits:

  • No more big bills - even if you get two pellet deliveries in one month, you still pay only the same monthly amount.
  • No money pinch around holiday time.
  • Easy automatic monthly payments with your credit card or electronic funds transfer from your bank account. Of course, you may also pay by cash or check - whatever works best for you.
  • You pay only for the pellets you actually receive, at the price you sign up for. If you don't take delivery of all the pellets you order, you will end the season with money in your account; if you need more pellets than planned, you pay for the additional pellets when we deliver them.
  • NOTE:  There is a minimum two ton delivery for this program

Enrollment for our Budget Payment Plans are available from July through October. Call us at (802) 860-4090 or fill out the contact form on this page for more information.


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