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The Energy Co-op service department offers whole house heat pump heating and cooling systems that use air-source technology to heat and cool through the existing ductwork of your home. Watch this short video to see the components of a ducted heat pump system.

Ducted heat pumps are an ideal efficiency upgrade for homes with a hot air furnace and ductwork currently in place. A ducted heat pump connects an outdoor unit to a central indoor unit which then spreads heated or cooled air throughout your home using your air ducts.

With the new tax credits available in the Inflation Reduction Act, you may be eligible for total tax credits and rebates of up to $4,000 for a whole house heat pump installation. 

Ducted heat pumps may be a good choice if:

  • You want to lower the cost of heating and cooling your home.
  • Your home already has a hot air furnace with ductwork.
  • You want heating and cooling throughout the whole house.
  • You don't like how ductless heat pump indoor units look on the wall.
  • You're building a new home and have the option of installing ductwork right from the start.

Our service department will be happy to review all the details provide a free no-obligation quote for the option that is right for your home and your budget. Just fill out the contact form on this page or call us at 802-860-4090.

Product Information:


Bosch Inverter Ducted Packaged Unit
Superior efficiency of Bosch Inverter Drive Technology

  • Fully modulating Inverter Drive (1% increments) precisely matches the heating/cooling load
  • Up to 20.5 SEER, 10.5 HSPF, ENERGY STAR® Qualified


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  • Great Experience with Your Service Manager

    Thanks for having such great employees. I have already been singing your praises.

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  • My heat pump installation was tremendous.

    I just wanted to say that the crew that was here for my heat pump installation was tremendous and did a great job! We appreciated being a part of every step and felt very well taken care of.

    Cari K., Grand Isle

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