Furnace Installations in Vermont

When you purchase a new high-efficiency furnace or boiler you are making a big investment in the future of your home's comfort, safety and efficiency. The Energy Co-op can guide you through the often-confusing process by helping you:

      • Determine the right time to replace your system.
      • Decide what type of system is right for your home.
      • Identify options for payment/financing of the new system.

There is never a charge for consultations or estimates. Call us today at 860-4090.

Furnaces for Vermont Homes: 

Williamson FurnaceWilliamson Oil Furnace

  • AFUE's to 86%
  • Heat exchanger - Front flue with top or right side venting option, Interior baffling for maximum efficiency, Dual spring-loaded clean-out ports for easy service and maintenance,
  • Spring-loaded observation port with test port, Heavy gauge burner mounting plate with studs and nuts
  • Blower - Variable Speed ECM, Multi-speed Direct Drive, Slide-out blower/motor- easily removed for service
  • Cabinet - Appliance finish powder coat paint, Heavy gauge with "Seal-Tite" construction.
  • Combustion Chamber - Preformed slide-out chamber for easy service
  • Burner and controls - Factory-wired with simple plug-in connections, PSC motor, Solid state ignitor
  • Download Williamson Furnace specs.

ThermoPride Furnace for Mobile Homes

Thermopride Mobile Home Furnace

  • Oil 86% AFUE
  • Heavy Duty Cabinet with Powder Coated Finish for Durability
  • PSC or ECM Constant Torque Blower Motor options
  • Complete Line of Accessories
  • Download ThermoPride Specs

York LX Series Gas Furnaces

York Gas Furnace

  • Up to 96% efficiency
  • High performance in less space
  • Maintains indoor air quality in cold weather
  • Exceptionally quiet sound levels


Furnaces are common central heating systems in Vermont. Furnaces heat air (“forced hot air”), distribute it through ducts, and deliver it to registers throughout a building.

How well your system converts the fuel to delivered heat (its efficiency) is affected by the unit’s design and operation, how effectively the heat is distributed, and the type of thermostat you use. Regardless of the system or fuel type, regular maintenance of your heating system can help to ensure that it operates as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

When should I replace my Furnace? 

We recommend that if your system is over 15 years old, you should schedule an efficiency check and a consultation with our furnace installation service team to see if it's time to consider a new, more efficient furnace.

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