Acting in the best interest of our members and the planet, we place efficiency and renewables at the heart of our cooperative business.

The Energy Co-op's Board of Directors provides guidance and oversight supporting our cooperative principles that foster responsible business practices, putting people before profits. 

Board of Directors

Kelly Lucci

The Co-op's Board of Directors is made up of nine members, elected by the Co-op's members in advance of our annual meeting which is held in the fall each year. Board members serve for three-year terms.

The Board has four officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and five committees. Ad Hoc committees
may be formed as needed. The Board meets quarterly with the General Manager, with additional committee meetings convening from monthly to quarterly.

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Read the Energy Co-op's ByLaws Here

Board Committees

  • Executive
  • Business Development
  • Nominating
  • Membership and Marketing
  • Audit and Finance


Interested in joining the Energy Co-op board?

Energy Co-op Board of Directors

The Co-op benefits from having Board members with a wide range of life and business experiences and areas of knowledge. We are always looking for interested candidates to fill future vacancies. Experiences and knowledge that can strengthen the Board include, but are not limited to; Energy, Finance, Marketing IT, communication, HR and legal.

No experience with boards?

The Energy Co-op welcomes potential new members from many professions who are interested in our cooperative business model and the thermal energy future of Vermont. We offer lots of support to candidates willing to make a commitment to the board responsibilities and who have the ability to offer the time required.

In addition to be being a great opportunity to build a variety of skills, people who join the Energy Co-op's Board enjoy the opportunity to engage with like-minded people who are committed to our mission of saving money and reducing fossil fuel use for homeowners in our community.

Helping Homeowners with Energy Efficiency for over 20 years

Heat Pump Installation in Colchester Vermont

For over 20 years the Energy Co-op has been helping Vermont homeowners save money and use less energy.

The Energy Co-op has over 2,000 members in Vermont. Over the years we've got to know many of them as they made improvements to their heating systems, called to schedule fuel deliveries, requested an energy audit or asked us to repair their furnaces.