Early Buy Wood Pellets in Vermont

Our early buy offer is the most cost-effective time of year to purchase wood pellets from the Energy Co-op. To avoid the uncertainty of supplies later in the year, we recommend that you act now to take the worry out of re-stocking your pellets before next winter.

We are delighted to continue to offer Vermont Wood Pellets, one of the best premium wood pellets on the market, and we are also adding LG Wood Pellets to the program this year as a lower cost alternative.

NOTE: This program is available to Energy Co-op Members only. It's easy to join and membership is only $12 per year. (Click here to fill out membership application.)

Wood Pellets from the Energy Co-op of VermontEarly Buy Pricing:

  • Vermont Wood Pellets Pick Up Price - $390 / ton
  • Vermont Wood Pellets Delivered price - $410 / ton
  • LG Wood Pellets Pick Up Price - $337 / ton
  • LG Wood Pellets Delivered Price - $357 / ton
Energy Co-op Wood Pellet Early Buy Price

Terms and conditions:

  • Early Buy Pellets program only available to Energy Co-op members. (Click here to join)
  • Delivered prices are within our service area only.
  • Minimum purchase is two (2) tons. 
  • Order deadline is June 30, 2023. (While supplies last)
  • You must be ready to take delivery when you order your pellets. 
  • Payment in full is required when you place your order. (Electronic funds transfer from your bank account, debit or credit card). 
  • Orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Placing your Early Buy order is quick and easy. Click here for order form

If you want to schedule a pick up for your pellets, send us an email at lisa@ecvt.net or call us at 860-4090.


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Our Member Testimonials

  • Extremely Happy with Wood Pellets

    Folks, I am into my 6th heating season using wood pellets, but this is my 1st year using your pellets. I am extremely happy with your product for the following reasons: 1. Way more heat output 2. Ash content is half of what I am used to 3. No sawdust in your bags 4.

    Conrad R., Westford, Vermont
  • Nice Pellet Delivery

    While I was away today my pellets were delivered and Steve did an awesome job. Pellets right where I wanted, nicely placed next to each other. It's much appreciated!

    John McC., Hinesburg, Vermont

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