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Heating Oil

Oil tank safety in Vermont

We offer heating oil delivery in Northern Vermont. Our heating oil customers who choose to join the Co-op have the option to lock in home oil prices and sign up for auto-delivery of heating oil. 


Kerosene Delivery in Vermont

The Energy Co-op offers fair kerosene prices and reliable kerosene delivery primarily for monitor space heaters, outside fuel tanks and for use in "out of oil" emergencies.

Wood Pellets

Early Buy Wood Pellets

The Energy Co-op offers fair prices and dependable wood pellet delivery in Vermont for high quality pellets as a renewable, low-carbon alternative to oil, propane, and natural gas.


We offer fuel delivery in Northern Vermont!* When you purchase heating fuel and join the Energy Co-op, you become part of a member-owned cooperative that puts people before profits. This means that we work hard to bring you the best prices and reliable services to help you pay less to heat your home and use less fuel when possible.


As a member of the Energy Co-op, you are not only buying fuel, but also buying access to an experienced team of energy experts that can help you reduce your energy use while increasing your home's comfort and efficiency.


Our energy experts are available 24 hours a day to help you with any heating emergency that may arise. Being a member of the Co-op also assures that we are here to help you. If we can talk you through getting your system working over the phone, we will do that at no charge to avoid an emergency service call expense.


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All Co-op members are eligible to sign up for a variety of programs and services that can help reduce your fossil fuel use while saving money:


  • Our pricing and payment plans allow you to manage your fuel costs in a way that works for you. We offer prebuys, cap pricing and budget plans to make heating your home more financially manageable.
  • You get a $50 discount for a home Energy Audit.
  • Once the Energy Audit is completed our team helps you design a plan to weatherize your home that meets your needs and your budget.
  • If you want to offset your fossil fuel use with a heat pump, we can help. Our experts have installed hundreds of high-quality Mitsubishi heat pumps for Vermont homeowners

    Purchasing fuel from the Co-op requires a small annual membership fee of $12. We keep the oil heat cost per gallon low for our customers. In addition to the other benefits, you receive a discount of 13 cents per gallon for every gallon of fuel oil that you purchase. With your first delivery, your savings will more than pay for the annual membership fee.


    Our membership also cares about one another. Two dollars of every membership fee is placed into the Co-op Oil Bank to help any member in need to help pay for home heating.


    We offer dependable delivery for heating oil, kerosene and wood pellets at competitive prices.  

    *Important Information for Will Call or On Hold Customers:
    Any customers that choose to be on Will Call or On Hold are responsible for contacting the Co-op to schedule any deliveries. If you want to go on automatic delivery, you MUST email the co-op to be changed to automatic delivery. On Hold or Will Call customers that request a delivery or sign up for prebuy, will NOT change your account to an automatic delivery. To avoid extra fees, you MUST notify the Co-op 7-10 business days in advance of your needed delivery. If you run out of fuel and need a delivery before our scheduled route in your area, a $75 restart fee and a $200 special delivery fee will apply, effective July 1st , 2024.

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Our Member Testimonials

  • Definitely Using Less Fuel

    My experience working with Vt. Energy Co-op this fall was exceptional. Paul was extremely professional and informative. After the energy audit we worked together to prioritize a plan.

    Susan T., Shelburne, Vermont
  • A Good Option for Fuel Oil

    The Energy Co-op of Vermont is always a good option for fuel oil. Check out the SMART CHOICE plan.You can lock in your price and if it goes lower, you get the lower price.

    Daniel S., Underhill, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Heating Oil, Kerosene, Heating Oil Pre-Buy Plan
  • Committed to Reducing Fossil Fuel Footprint

    I especially like that I can program the heat pump to shut off and turn on to fit our schedule. We're looking forward to having a cool space on the hottest days of summer as well. Great technology!

    Todd C. and Maeve McB., South Burlington, Vermont

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