Charlotte, Vermont

David and Susan White

"We make the effort to do laundry during peak solar production time."

David and Susan White

David and Susan White heat their Jericho home with oil and wood - and once used oil for all their hot water.

In 2012, the Whites signed up for a free Co-op Solar site assessment and then purchased a solar hot water system for their south-facing roof. The result? Not only have they saved an average of 400 gallons of oil a year, they have also seen their behavior change. "You might think that having the solar hot water would encourage you to use more hot water," says David. "In fact, during the summer, we find ourselves making an extra effort to do laundry during the peak solar production time whenever possible."

David and Susan's kids moved out to go to college soon after their solar hot water heater was installed. That certainly has had an impact. But overall, our Co-op Solar customers have cut their oil bills by an average of 19%, just by installing solar hot water heaters.

Our Member Testimonials

Answered All My Annoying Questions

The Heat Pump is working good, remote controller set to 74 degrees, house indoors temp reads 75 degrees, outside temp 92 degrees. What's nice is this unit knows when to cool or heat the house automatically. Tell Nick thanks for setting up the unit on that hot muggy day and answering all my annoying questions.

Don R.
Jeffersonville, Vermont