Why Choose a Heat Pump?
Learn more about costs, benefits and features to help you decide if a heat pump is right for your home.

Heat Pumps from the Energy Co-opWhy Choose a Heatpump?

The Energy Co-op has installed hundreds of heat pumps for Vermont homeowners. There are many reasons why our members and customers choose heat pumps:

  • Lower heating fuel use: Cut your natural gas, oil or propane use by up to 70% and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Protection from future price spikes: Electricity prices are much more stable than oil and propane prices.
  • Lower heating costs: If you use propane, kerosene or fuel oil to heat your home, your overall costs will go down after installing a heat pump. While your electricity costs will go up, your heating fuel costs will go down more than the increase in your electricity bill.
  • Low-cost air conditioning: Heat pumps are twice as efficient as typical air conditioners, and much quieter than window units.
  • Comfort: Thanks to smart controls, heat pumps keep indoor temperatures within a comfortable range summer and winter.
  • Better indoor air quality: Heat pumps filter the air inside your home year-round.

Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

Heat Pump

While heat pumps are a great heating/cooling solution for most homes, there are some criteria which help determine how well a heat pump will work for you.

Our service manager will ask all of these questions in your initial consultation so before you contact us, take a moment to gather this information.

  • Do you have an open floor plan? Open floor plans allow the movement of air more easily than in many rooms seperated by doors and walls.
  • Is there a good location for the indoor blower and outdoor compressor? The best placement for heat pumps will result in the best outcomes for their use. 
  • Does your electrical panel have enough space? A heat pump requires an electrical service to operate. 

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat Pump System Diagram

You already have a heat pump in your home - your refrigerator. It keeps your food cool by using liquid refrigerant to move heat from inside your fridge to your kitchen. Mitsubishi cold-climate heat pumps work in the same way. Check out this video from Mitsubishi.

Why Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

We install Mitsubishi products because we feel they are the best units on the market in terms of quality and function.

The Energy Co-op is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. Our team of technicians have been factory trained in service, installation and sales for the Mitsubishi M-Series heat pump products.

In addition, our technicians attend training classes on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on heat pump technology. Diamond Contractors, like the Energy Co-op, are the only Mitsubishi installers that are able to offer an extended 12-year parts warranty and a 12-year limited warranty on compressors.