Member Savings Since 2014

Since 2000, the Energy Co-op has been offering its members a wide variety of benefits that help them use less energy and save money. Today, we serve over 2,000 members. Our tag line is "Use Less. Save More". This is more than a tag line. We are very proud that since 2014, our member's actual savings and reduction in heating fuel use and carbon emissions can be positively measured in the points listed in the graphic above.

For only $12 per year, here are some of the key benefits of joining the Energy Co-op:

Better Energy Prices with the Energy Co-op of Vermont

Unlike other fuel dealers, we are a not-for-profit cooperative, and are owned by our members. Because of this, we set our prices to achieve a modest margin above our wholesale fuel costs, so our heating oil prices are often lower than most of our competitors' prices. Total member savings during the last 10 years were more than $500,000 (Compared to average Vermont prices as reported by the Vermont Public Service Department).

Turn-Key Energy-Saving Services

The Energy Co-op is a one-stop-shop for energy-saving products and services. These include:

  • Energy Audits: The Energy Co-op offers comprehensive energy audits, priced as low as $150. Our energy audits provide you with a road map and recommendations to help you make your home more comfortable, save energy and lower your heating costs.

  • Energy Upgrades: Our two-person crew makes members' homes more comfortable and energy efficient by sealing drafts, adding insulation, replacing old windows, and more.

  • New Heating Equipment: When you replace old, inefficient heating equipment, you'll save energy and money. We guide Co-op members to the best solution for their home and their budget - for free. And because no-one at the Co-op is on commission, we won't sell you something you don't need.

  • Co-op Heat Pumps: The Co-op provides members with free assessments to see if heat pumps are suitable for their homes. If it they are, members can cut their fossil fuel use by up to 70%.

  • Discounts on Solar Installations:  NEW OFFER! We have formed a collaboration with Catamount Solar to offer our members up to $1,000 on new solar installations. 

Member News and Information

Our weekly social media updates, regular e-mail messages and newsletters keep our members up to date on the latest news both at the Co-op and in the "big" energy picture. This includes energy saving tips, news of local environmental events and important legislative issues in Vermont.

Read our latest newsletter here:

Energy Co-op of Vermont June 2020 Newsletter

Automatic Oil & Kerosene Deliveries

If you choose automatic delivery, we use our computers to keep an eye on your oil tank so that you don't have to worry about running out of oil. We use factors like your home's size and insulation levels, and especially the winter weather, to schedule deliveries when your tank is about one third full.

If you keep in touch with us regarding changes in your oil or kerosene use (when you build an addition, install a pellet stove or go south in the winter, for example) we will adjust your delivery schedule - and guarantee that you will not run out of fuel.

Premium Quality Wood Pellet Deliveries

We deliver more than 1,200 tons of Vermont Wood Pellets (softwood) and LG Softwood Pellets each year. Both are high-energy, low-ash pellets that get rave reviews from our members.

Price Protection and Monthly Payment Plans

Price protection and monthly payment plans are available, July through October, for both heating fuel and wood pellet deliveries to help you save money and lower your winter fuel payments.

Certified Service Technicians

Our technicians are on time, leave no mess, hold NORA Gold certificates and are licensed by the state of Vermont. We guarantee their work. If you're not happy with the results, we'll make it right.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Think of us as the "AAA" of home heating system emergencies. We know that heating system emergencies are a serious matter, especially in our northern Vermont climate. Energy Co-op members can rest assured, knowing that our NORA-certified technicians are on-call day or night to respond to "no heat" emergencies.

Rewards for Referrals

We sincerely appreciate it when our members recommend the Energy Co-op to their friends and neighbors. So, each time someone you refer joins the Energy Co-op, we post a $25 credit to your account.

The Co-op Oil Bank - Members Helping Members

We work with several federal, state and private organizations to provide heating fuel and equipment service to low-income Vermonters. We also put $2 of every $12 membership into the Co-op Oil Bank to help pay for oil deliveries and service work for Co-op members facing tough times.

Unique Ownership Benefits

Members of the Energy Co-op community enjoy attractive prices and energy saving services. Members are also invited to our annual meeting in the fall of each year where they have a voice and a vote in how the Co-op is managed. Members are also eligible to receive patronage refunds, payments we may make to our members when we have a surplus.

Joining the Energy Co-op of Vermont is Easy! Just fill out our on-line application form or give us a call at (802) 860-4090.

Our Member Testimonials

  • Great Service

    I’m sitting in the annual meeting for the Energy Co-op. They've been supplying us with oil for years and great service. They will install a heat pump for us this December once the credit is available. I would highly recommend them!

    Maeve M., South Burlington, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Boiler Repair
  • Answered All My Annoying Questions

    The Heat Pump is working good, remote controller set to 74 degrees, house indoors temp reads 75 degrees, outside temp 92 degrees. What's nice is this unit knows when to cool or heat the house automatically.

    Don R., Jeffersonville, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Tankless Water Heaters, Privacy Policy, Space Heater Maintenance
  • Cool Member Perks

    We joined the Energy Co-op of Vermont and have been really happy with them. Cheaper than many of the other local operations plus some cool member perks.

    Morgan L., Jericho, Vermont