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Installing a heat pump is one of the best ways to cut your fossil fuel use and to reduce your carbon footprint. That's why more and more Vermonters are installing them. Many see their oil, natural gas and propane use go down by up to 70%. Plus, they enjoy cool, comfortable homes all summer long!

Cut Your Propane Bills By Up to 70%

Heat Pump Energy Cost ChartThe more propane you use, the more you'll save with a heat pump.

Heat pumps use electricity to move air in your home. So your electric bill goes up after you install a heat pump. But your propane bills will go down by up to 70%. In total, you will save between $300 and $1,000 a year, depending on your propane use.

What about Oil and Natural Gas Homes?

Because oil and natural gas prices are quite low at present - about half as much as propane - if you heat your home with oil or natural gas, you won't save money when you install a heat pump. But there may be other good reasons to install heat pumps in these homes:

  • To cut your oil or natural gas use and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • To keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.
  • To protect your family from future spikes in oil prices.

Efficiency Vermont Rebates

Efficiency Vermont offers up to $400 rebates on the Mitsubishi heat pumps installed by the Energy Co-op. These rebates are included in our prices, so you don’t need to fill out any forms or do anything extra to get the savings.

Attractive Financing for Heat Pumps

To make it easier to pay for your heat pump, we recommend a Heat Saver Loan from the Opportunities Credit Union. This loan comes with low monthly payments, low interest rates and flexible terms. In order to qualify for a Heat Saver loan, your heat pump installer must be a Home Performance contractor or a member of the Efficiency Excellence Network. The Energy Co-op qualifies on both counts.

Heat Pump Prices

Our heat pump prices compare well with other contractors and start at $3,200 (electrical work not included). Call (802) 860-4090 or send us an email to schedule a no-charge, no-obligation estimate and site visit.

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Our Member Testimonials

  • Pleased with Our Heat Pump

    We are very pleased with our heat pump and heat pump water heater. Joe and the rest of the staff at the Energy Co-op of Vermont were very professional. They were honest about what their products would do, and about our options.

    Sue D., Colchester, Vermont

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    Heat Pump Water Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters, Price Protection FAQ
  • Highly Recommend Heat Pumps

    Last September, the Energy Co-op installed two heat pumps for us – one to heat and cool our downstairs living space, one to heat our hot water. We are very, very happy with both units and highly recommend them.

    Rocky C., South Hero, Vermont
  • Generous Incentives for Heat Pumps

    We wanted to have a positive impact on our carbon footprint and heard that cold climate heat pumps are very efficient and work well for both heating and cooling. The Energy Co-op of Vermont helped me determine the best heat pump system for my home.

    Mike B., Richmond, VT