Furnace installation and repairMost of us think about boilers only when something goes wrong. As long as we're warm, we're happy. We'll get the routine boiler maintenance done, but we don't want to spend money on anything like an "expensive" new boiler, especially in tough economic times.

But think about the difference between "spending" and "investing." Replacing an old, inefficient boiler with a modern, energy efficient and state-of-the-art heating system is an investment that offers excellent returns. With the cold winters we experience in Vermont, a new boiler can be critical to our daily lives. What's more ... the returns on this investment get better as energy prices rise.

Here's an example. Vermont homeowner Jeremy heats his home with a boiler that is 20 years-old and only 75% efficient. He burns 1,100 gallons of oil each year, and has been provided with an estimate of $6,500 to install a new 86% efficient boiler with a programmable thermostat. Jeremy remains anxious about the price, even after securing a low-interest loan, like the Heat Saver. The reality is that if oil is at $2.50/gallon, the true cost is just $73/month. If the price of oil hits $3.50 per gallon, the monthly real monthly cost drops to $56 per month because the new boiler will use 200 gallons less oil each year. Do the math or let us do it for you!

New Boiler Energy Savings

Old Boiler New Boiler
Oil Use, Gallons/Year 1,100 900
Oil Price, $/Gallon: $2.50 $2.50
Rebate/Incentive (estimate): $500
Return on Investment: 8%
Monthly Cost: $229* $302**
Net Monthly Payment, New Boiler: $73

* Oil only for the old boiler.
** Oil plus loan payments (5.0% interest, five year term) for the new boiler.

Free Vermont Boiler Replacement Estimates

If you live in Vermont and you'd like to learn more about replacing your old oil-fired boiler, contact Joe Cobb, our service manager at (802) 860-4090 or submit a service request. He’ll answer your questions and schedule an appointment to visit your home, learn about your needs, and prepare an estimate for a new heating system – all for no charge.

Oil-Fired Boilers from the Energy Co-op of Vermont

Energy Star Certified Logo

All boilers recommended and installed by the Energy Co-op are Energy Star certified. This means that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. By choosing ENERGY STAR certified heating and cooling equipment and taking steps to optimize its performance, you can enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills and protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Weil McLain Boiler

Weil McLain Boilers

  • 85% efficient
  • 99,000 – 210,000 BTU
  • Beckett flame retention head burner
  • High capacity tankless coil
  • Optional indirect-fired water heaters
  • Easy installation and service

Weil McLain WTGO Gold Boiler More information

Trio BoilerTRIO Boilers

  • 86.5% efficient
  • 105,000 – 245,000 BTU
  • Beckett flame retention head burner
  • Indirect-fired water heater available
  • Maximize efficiency with TRIO Energy Manager
  • $500 Efficiency Vermont rebate

Trio Cast Iron Boiler More information

Buderus BoilerBuderus Boilers

  • 86% efficient
  • 74,000 – 120,000 BTU
  • Beckett flame retention head burner
  • Indirect-fired water heater available
  • Innovative European technology

Buderus G115 Cast Iron Boiler More information


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Our Member Testimonials

  • Efficiency Success Story

    We've been Co-op members since 2012. In 2005 after using 1,823 gallon of heating oil and five cords of wood for heat and hot water we set out on a long-term effort to bring our energy use under control.

    Chuck & Gaye, Jericho, Vermont

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    Boiler Installation & Replacement, Indirect Water Heaters, Price Protection FAQ, Space Heater Maintenance
  • New Boiler More Efficient

    For years our old boiler was noisy and it was turning off and on far too often. I think it might have been held together by duct tape, at least it looked that way.

    Herb and Barbara K., Shelburne, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Boiler Installation & Replacement, Boiler Repair, Oil Tank Maintenance, Boiler Maintenance