Become a Co-op MemberThere are many state and federal tax credits, incentives and rebates available to help Vermonters pay for energy-efficiency improvements and renewable energy installations.

Searching and applying for these programs can be confusing.  Some programs are still under development. Eligibility and conditions may not be finalized yet. Other programs change from time to time as funds are exhausted or reauthorized. Things get complicated.

Here are some quick links and more detailed information that can help you research your options, depending on your location, income and the types of improvements you are planning.

One of the benefits of Co-op membership is that we can help you find and apply for a rebate program or incentive that may perfectly fit your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our Member Testimonials

  • Great Service

    I’m sitting in the annual meeting for the Energy Co-op. They've been supplying us with oil for years and great service. They will install a heat pump for us this December once the credit is available. I would highly recommend them!

    Maeve M., South Burlington, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Boiler Repair
  • Help Getting a Grant

    I would like to thank you for assisting me in getting a grant from the State of Vermont for a new tank, slab and roof ..... Your furnace man told me my tank would need to be replaced, and told me about this grant for low-income households .....

    Daria K., Milton, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Furnace Installation & Replacement, Oil Tank Installation & Replacement, Capped Price Plans, Price Protection FAQ
  • Helpful and Fair

    I'd never use any company other than Energy Co-Op of Vermont. They are helpful and fair. You can choose a budget plan, which allows your payments to be spread out over the year (and thus enjoy a price cap, and a DROP in your payments should the price go down during the year).

    Laurie F., Jericho, Vermont

    Services Provided:

    Price Protection FAQ