Checking a boiler zone valve

Checking a zone valve

If you live in Vermont, your boiler is used to heat your home nearly half of the year. This type of use can be taxing on a boiler, so an annual check-up is just as important as an oil change and tune-up for your car.

Regular tune-ups extend boiler life, help prevent break-downs and protect warranties. We go through your entire heating system, replace your nozzle and filter (spin-on filters not included), adjust your burner for the best performance and conduct a full safety check. Our Vermont boiler service technicians will also check your oil tank and overall system to see if repairs are needed. We also run an efficiency test to make sure your boiler is running at peak efficiency. You'll save up to 5% on your heating bills. Cars run better and last longer with regular maintenance. So do home heating systems!

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  • New Boiler More Efficient

    For years our old boiler was noisy and it was turning off and on far too often. I think it might have been held together by duct tape, at least it looked that way.

    Herb and Barbara K., Shelburne, Vermont

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