Oil Tank RepairOil tanks need very little maintenance during their expected twenty year lifetime. We recommend an annual tune-up for oil-fired heating equipment and as part of this work our technicians will replace the filter on your oil line. This will keep your burner free from any solids that may build up in the bottom of the tank. Our Vermont oil tank technicians will also inspect your tank every three years as required by the new Vermont regulations and check for problems indicated by:
  • Oil spots under the tank
  • Bent or buckled tank legs
  • Dark spots which may indicate oil migrating to the outside of the tank

You can help extend the life of your oil or kerosene tank - especially if it is an outside tank - by keeping the tank full during the summer months. This reduces condensation and water build-up, one of the main contributors to oil tank corrosion.

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  • Definitely Using Less Fuel

    My experience working with Vt. Energy Co-op this fall was exceptional. Paul was extremely professional and informative. After the energy audit we worked together to prioritize a plan.

    Susan T., Shelburne, Vermont

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    Easy Pay for Heating Oil and Kerosene, Fixed Price Plans, Oil Tank Compliance, Oil Tank Maintenance, Space Heater Repair
  • Great Experience with Your Service Manager

    I recently had a great experience with Joe, your service manager, and Rick, your subcontractor. They were very thoughtful, helpful and explained all of my heating system options. The Energy Co-op had been referred to me by my neighbor, who is a long time customer.

    Meg H., Richmond, VT

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    Furnace Repair, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Privacy Policy, Oil Tank Maintenance, Oil Tank Repair, Space Heater Maintenance
  • New Boiler More Efficient

    For years our old boiler was noisy and it was turning off and on far too often. I think it might have been held together by duct tape, at least it looked that way.

    Herb and Barbara K., Shelburne, Vermont

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    Boiler Installation & Replacement, Boiler Repair, Oil Tank Maintenance, Boiler Maintenance