Underground oil tank replacement

If you have an underground oil tank, you may want to consider replacing it with a new basement tank. Here’s why:

  • As underground oil tanks get older, the risk of an oil leak increases. Underground oil leaks are impossible to predict in advance, since buried oil tanks and lines cannot be visually inspected for exterior corrosion or wear and tear. Furthermore, oil leaks from underground tanks and lines can be very difficult to detect and costly to clean up.
  • Because of the potential hazards involved, most mortgage lenders will not makea loan on a property that has an underground oil tank. Homeowners and real estate agents are required by law to disclose the existence of underground oil tanks, which could prevent you from selling your property.

As your oil dealer, we would be happy to install an above ground oil tank for you and to prepare a no-cost quote for this work. Please call our Joe Cobb, ourService Manager at 860-4090 for more information.

We are not able to remove or close your underground oil tank:

Please note that Vermont Petroleum Cleanup Fundmay be able to help:

  • If a tank leaks and the cleanup is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance, the state fund will pay for the reasonable costs of cleanup, after the homeowner pays a $250 deductible.
  • The fund also offers grants of up to $1,000 towards the removal, replacement or upgrade of residential underground storage tanks. Priority is given to applicants who have tanks that pose the greatest environmental threat, and to those applicants with lower incomes.

Our Vermont oil tank installers have the skills and tools needed to remove your old tank and install the new one in no time. For more information about replacing your oil tank, contact our service manager Joe Cobb at (802) 860-4090 or submit a service request to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.

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